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jas galuszka I live in poland and i finish Akademy of Fine Art in Wroclaw, i'm painteer . Can i show Your my work-please,.

Joy Walker My son, Owen Roth, said I would like your work and I do. I like your add-ons and extensions. Abstraction is always intriguing. My abstract paintings are on and my figurative work is on Wishing you the best, Joy Walker

Maggie Jones I love your work. I really enjoy abstract art, especially when it is open to interpretation, and lets the mind wander.

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Philip Starner Lucie, your email is unresponsive, and I doubt you couldn't afford a piece. Contact us if you like.

Lucie Edwards I'm fortunate to live in the Los Angeles area. We have many fine artists, but few whose work I enjoyed as much as yours. I'm sure the monitor isn't doing justice to your work with color. Very evocative - I only wish I could afford to own a piece.

Philip Starner I will have a link to Sparky's site as soon as I can find it. I believe he/she is somewhere in New Zealand so, if anyone knows of such site, please notify me.

Thank you, Management

Sparky Sparkster you, and your fucken art, are terrible, I saved a few of your paintings and will upload them onto my site. Im creating a site about the worlds worst painters, no, im not joking either...

see you around buddy.

(your friends comments make me laugh)

William B-R: Zenith means the upper region of the sky. When I looked at your painting called Zenith it all I got from it was buzz of life, and a warming feeling inside. Is this what you set out to do? Well nether the less I'm glad that I found your site and looked at all your paintings as very few peaces of art have ever game me this feeling.

Anonymous: If your "art" is supposed to enable the "viewer" to see what he wants then why do you title your pieces? It seems to me that putting a title on something has the effect of steering the viewer down a path that you have determined. Isnt this a bit hypocritical? or did you just write your "artist profile" with out thinking?

Why is your art divided into "series"? A series implies that each piece in the series has something in common, something that is distinct from the other works. However, all of them are the same! They could all be lumped into the same "series".

Lastly, why put a price tag on your art? It is my opinion that true art is only given monetary value when someone is moved to pay for it. The outrageous price tags on these pieces are grounded in nothing but the "artist's" diluted ideas of what art is worth. Either that or he is obviously trying to target a certain clientel.

Perhaps your artist profile, Stephen, should be edited to relate that you dont care what the "view" sees as long as he has a hefty pocket book! Learning art in college does not make you an artist.

Jason Hall: So really, what is the entire purpose of it all anyways? I mean, you get out, you finally walk around, talk a little bit, try to fuck, and make a nickel or two in the meantime. Maybe it truly is the small stuff that makes the world tick and tock. Electric shocks. Horseradish. Fluffy beds. Feta cheese. There is truly a dichotomy involved in the whole mix. Do you really like the feta without the electric shocks? I doubt it's even feasible.

So maybe it is the small stuff contrasted with the bigger picture that makes everyone happy. And therein lies the beauty of art. It's the crappy art that makes something good. But you must experience good art to know the crappy. Circular. Like a spinning wheel throwing out its thread. Yeah, I dig the shit contained herein. Makes me feel more apt to take the horseradish with my beef...

Katie Vance: How do you explain the things in life worth nothing? My opinion?
There is not a measure that can made for the meaning of art.
Steve (and his paintings) allows a person to be his or her own self. We each have our own painting when looking at Stephen's work.

Companies rarely allow a person to be, with out dictating a policy.
Family feels that they can tell you what to see, hear, believe, and feel with a backbone reasoning of love.
Lovers think for you, before you talk, anticipate what you will say, ready to rebut your latest dream or thought.
Friends tell you how to live based upon their experiences, and spoken as a caring peer.
Don't fall in love, it hurts. Don't take this class in college it teaches you nothing.
Don't date her.
Don't have sex with him.
How rare is it that a person's mind works on their own these days? We read and have an idea for a while then it leaves.

We have a core to our being. Steve promotes our core.
It is a relieving, comforting, exhilarating, freeing, shocking explosion of energy through my body when I am given a gift of my own thoughts, passions, beliefs, visions and opinions. That is what Stephen Affleck's work reminds me I have.

It's no longer just his. He reminds you of each moment in your life when you feel or have felt your deepest feelings.

That is fucking art!

Steve I love you with all my heart.


Dennis Gilkey: Stephen Affleck reminds us, in his art and in his words, that there is nothing more important to the human spirit than creation.

That is why art--painting, music, dance, poetry--is so important to us humans. It stirs our creative passions, without which life is routine, and without which we stop growing, learning, dreaming.

For the artist, it is the sine qua non of life. For all of us, it is the stimulus that releases our imaginations.