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Self Portrait

Stephen Affleck is a contemporary New York City based artist who was born under the cobalt blue skies of Boulder, Colorado. When asked what he likes about painting he states, "My favorite phenomenon involving a painting is the creation of a unique interpretation of an image by any given viewer." After receiving his BFA from the University of Colorado, he moved to New York City where he currently paints full time.

Stephen works most frequently in oils and his style is what he calls "Abstract Mirrorism." He defines this style as "The creation of art whose only meaning can be defined by each unique viewer." His work is known for its skill in stimulating the imagination, as one art critic states, "Stephen Affleck's distinction lies in his uncanny ability to visually exhibit a mirror of the imagination without using the representation of existing orders." By creating this "mirror of imagination" his work dares us to explore our deepest thoughts and premonitions.

Self Portrait Oil on Canvas
Copyright © by Stephen Affleck, 2001. All rights reserved.


Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2001 Turner Gallery - Los Angeles, CA
Hall/Kline Gallery - Boulder, CO
2000 Traveler's 11 - Boulder, CO
1999 Traveler's 11 - Boulder, CO
Java Man - Hermosa Beach, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2003 Florence Biennale - Florence, Italy
2002 Gallery PCR - Irvine, CA
2000 Woods Park Gallery - Boulder, CO
1999 Red Arts Gallery - Denver, CO